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Templates for MS Word - DesiGN Help

Templates for MS Word – DesiGN is a collection of templates and illustrations for Microsoft’s Word (recommended Office 2019 or later). It provides various options for creating professional and exciting content ranging from invoices and business cards to Posters and Business Cases.

With Templates for MS Word – DesiGN, you can:

  • Have all Graphic Nodes’s templates for MS Word and get all future updates with no extra charge.
  • View and browse all your items in a single easy-to-use space.
  • Save selected templates in the template choosers of MS Word.
  • Use all editing and customization options available in MS Word.

Browse, Search & Save


When you run Templates for MS Word – DesiGN, it opens with the Discover page upfront. It gives you access to the things you need to get started quickly: content recommendations, top items, new additions, and purchased items. The sidebar on the left can be used to navigate across the different sections and content categories available in the app:

  • Search;
  • Discover page;
  • Templates section;
  • New items;
  • Favorite items;

Note: You can use Search to easily locate specific items by name, theme, dominant objects and colors – simply type in the keyword(s) you are looking for into the search field, press Return, and Templates for MS Word – DesiGN will display any results that it matches with your search. You can then use Filters to narrow down your results by  Category or change the way results are sorted.

To view the contents of any content section, first select it in the sidebar.

Once you select a content section, you will be taken to its window, where you will see content recommendations and content subcategories. You can:

  • Check out the content recommendations at the top;
  • Scroll down to browse through the list of content subcategories in the section;
  • Click see all at a content subcategory to view all of its items;
  • Use the filters at the top of the window to view all, new, favorite, or purchased items;
  • Click on the thumbnail of a selected thumbnail to see a full preview of the template;
  • Mark a design as a favorite by clicking the heart symbol at the bottom left corner of the thumbnail or at the top right of the preview screen.

Open & Save

Once you have downloaded an item, click the Open button to open it in MS Word. For templates, MS Word will ask if you want to save the item in the chooser.

To save an item in Finder:

  1. Right-click on its thumbnail and select Save To.
  2. Select a location where you want to save the item and press Save.

You can also drag individual items and product sets and drop them in Finder or on your Desktop.

New Items

Templates for MS Word – DesiGN is regularly updated with new items, which automatically appear in the New section.

Edit Templates

Edit MS Word Templates

After you open a template in MS Word, you can do any of the following:

  • Type or paste your own data, add and remove tables, and change the colors and fonts.
  • Make calculations and edit the formulas if necessary.
  • Change the size and position of any element.

New Items & Restoring Purchases

New Items

Templates for MS Word – DesiGN is regularly updated with new items, which appear in the New section.

If you have subscribed to product sets/categories that include any new items, they will automatically be unlocked.

Restoring Purchases

If you have replaced or reformatted your computer and the Templates for MS Word would not display your past purchases, you should:

  1. Select Store > Restore Purchases;
  2. Sign into your Apple account by entering your Apple ID and password;
  3. Look for your past purchases in the Purchased section.

User Support

You can use the templates and illustrations for commercial purposes; however, they can be included in publications for resale only if they are decorative in nature and not the primary value or purpose of the product.

If you should have any additional questions about the products, email us at [email protected].